What is Equine Gut Flush - EGF

Fact - Colic is the Number One Killer of Horses

But most horses survive and thrive without surgical intervention or long-term damage. Being informed and proactive about equine abdominal distress/colic is your best defense. Remain calm, do not panic or presume the worst. Your horse is counting on you to stay focused. Equine GutFlush is a Pure and Natural Remedy for Equine Abdominal Pain. Natural products often work faster and more efficiently than drugs. Remember this during an emergency. Have your bottle of Equine GutFlush ready to use quickly

Fast Acting, Trusted Results That Assist In The Reduction Of:

  • Intestinal gas
  • GI toxicity
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Mild Anti-Spasmodic

Helpful In Restoring:

  • Gut motility
  • Normal Gastro-Intestinal function
  • Promotes digestive support

Oral Administration:

Easy to use – Just insert the tip into the corner of the horse’s mouth, Tip up and squeeze  giving the horse time to swallow entire 4 oz. bottle. (bought before 2013)

Suggested Use: 1st sign(s) of digestive distress for immediate intervention at onset of signs of abdominal pain/colic.

Feeding: Adult horses 4 oz, (new bottles 2 oz. if bought after 1/2013)      Foals 2 oz.

As Equine GutFlush is ingested this is the process that occurs:

This product is an Equine GI tract rehydrator, antacid and digestive aid. Designed to help with excess acidity following grain feeding and to increase fluid retention in the GI tract. Equine GutFlush will NOT interfere or react with other supplements.

Proactive indications for use are:

  • Before shipping or showing;  At strange show grounds or other places where your horse may not drink.
  • For those chilly nights in the fall or spring when horses do not drink well.
  • Any time your horse may be a risk for colic – such as, but not limited to, stress.
  • Always when abdominal pain is present