About Us

Pam Schroeder founder of Equine GutFlush is still the girl who has never outgrown her love of horses.  Pam was one of those horse crazy kids who grew up riding any horse every chance she could get.  When Pam got married she and her husband started riding again.  With their love of animals, they thought about what breed they both enjoyed and then formed Heaven’s Gait Ranch; breeding and raising horses in Florida.  They experienced much colic in that sandy terrain, from medical to surgical during this time. Their beautiful 4 1/2 year old stallion “100 Proof Paint” was in a 4th of July parade one day and the next at the University having colic surgery in which they came out and said everything was just fine they didn’t have to do a thing.  But it was 1 too many belly taps in the wrong place later that caused an opening in his stomach lining to let fecal matter in, which caused Peritonitis.  They wanted to do surgery again, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack with the length of intestines and going in for 1 surgery is bad enough but now for a 2nd surgery.  Proof was euthanized on the table – this is still one of the saddest days of our lives.  We brought him home to bury.  Pam’s mare Micky’s Perfection which was in foal, went to have colic surgery and made it through okay, but her foal didn’t.  They did not tell you back then about the scar tissue build up and life expectancy on a horse after colic surgery is approximately a year.   Well Micky lived about 1 year before she died, she had dinner one night and was just fine, I found her in the pasture the next day. These two heart breaking circumstances changed and reshaped their lives forever, vowing never to have colic surgery ever again.  There had to be a better way to help a horse, when their lives are in our hands.  Well, there is and it’s called; “Equine GutFlush”! 

If you are faced with colic like symptoms, you can reach for your 1st aid or emergency kit and grab a syringe and give it to your horse.  You are the 1st responder to help save them and time is critical when dealing with a colic as you only have about 8 hours, depending on when you found your horse. 

Remembering that herbs were the cornerstone of healing, most of the drugs we have today come from herbs.  Synthetic drugs are derived from herbs like (e.g., aspirin, Morphium, Tamoxifen, Vin­cris­tin, etc.) were originally derived from botanical material.

Pam started to incorporate more natural techniques to dealing with the age old problem of colic and has eradicated it at her ranch, as well as for other horse lovers who have followed up with EGF and natural horse care products like Equine GutEssentials Plus to keep them fit and healthy.  The GutFlush and GutEssentials are just two of the products that keep the horses on the ranch thriving today.   Along with countless horse owners and trainers who have come to realize that it really does work.  Once they tried it once and see with their own eyes their horses bounce back from a colic episode, they have not been without it ever again.  Not only do these products save their horses, but save them money in the long run…

Her professional life as a counselor led Pam to challenge and research why the traditional answers and conventional methods in dealing with colic she had received; known and used were only a temporary fix.  They didn’t solve the horse from getting colic again over time.  Pam’s extensive years breeding and training horses, working with a vet and close network of equine practitioners gave her the awareness and the wisdom to identify the root causes of the issue, allowing for a natural path to reach its full potential.  Pam believes that the best way we can show respect for our equine friends is to honor how they were made.  Pure Earth Products works diligently in keeping horses well balanced and giving them a lifetime of vibrant health without ever getting colic.  Tradition, Ambition and Innovation is where history in the making begins to keeping horses well balanced in their daily lives, and at Pure Earth Products. 

Pam is always available to help farms establish good horse keeping practices naturally.  Pure Earth Products say; the goal is to keep a horse’s gut clean so no horse ever has to experience colic.  We can teach you how to keep your horse in peak performance always.

Please call with questions or concerns on how to treat your horse if they show signs of colic.