What our customers think about the power of EGF   

I'm been very thankful for the all natural colic product, “Equine Gut Flush”. The ranch which my husband and I reside is located on the border of WY/MT.  I own and operate an Equine Facility that presently runs 14 head of horses. They are primarily used as lease horses for clinics and workshops presided over by Professional Parelli Instructors.   Prior to having the clinics and workshops here at the ranch, I hauled horses to Pagosa Springs, CO, a 15 hour drive one way. These horses stayed in CO for up to 3 months.  Never once did I not send Gut Flush with these horses. It is that important to their care.  My feeding program is somewhat reversed when it comes to when my horses come off free grazing pasture and go on hay.  I primarily have to hay feed starting around May when the horses come in off winter pasture. It is at this time that the weather has its extreme temp. changes as well.  Literally freezing at night and 70’s during the day.  Colic can become a norm. “GutFlush” has helped 4 of my horses as well as 2 on the neighboring ranch just in the past 2 years. With Gut Flush I have not had to utilize any pain removing products as it is fast acting.  One of the disadvantages of my location is that the nearest Veterinary office is over 1 1/4 hour of travel time. When time is of the essence when I have had to get a handle on the colic, this product has worked for me EVERY time.  

Lynette Thatcher

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“You don't have a big window to diagnose and treat a colic horse, you have to move fast. I'm all about natural products and EGF is great!  35 minutes after I administered the first does my horse was back to normal.  I never travel without it.”

Jody Stelzig
Actor, Head Wrangler and Stuntman
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“Because of Pure Earth Products expertise and professionalism, I finally feel that I have a handle on my horse’s care, maintenance, and future.”  Thank – you for sharing your knowledge and will use Equine GutFlush’s now in my maintenance program on a quarterly basis.”

-Leslis Nicols
Professional Horse Trainer 
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“A Vet is difficult to get in my area.  Equine GutFlush has saved us a fortune in Medical care for our horses. It's the most effective natural solution to Colic I've ever seen. It works fast, very effective, and easy to use.”

Vicky Stevens
Equine Specialists 
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“I'm a 3rd generation rider I take great care of my horses.  Whenever one starts showing signs of Colic I never use Banamine or other chemicals; I use EGF.  I love that it's all natural and it will never harm my horses. Plus it works immediately and works every time. I always travel with EGF.”

Payton Stepanoff
Champion Junior Rider
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