A Pain in the Gut $1000.00 Colic Lesson

This story is about two horses named Denaldi & Majestic and a girl named Leslie.  She called me to tell me her mare Denaldi had coliced and she had brought her over to the vet hospital.  She felt everything she had done at home was not working.  She had given her 12 ccs of Banamine 4 hours ago.  There were no bowel sounds, the mare had not drunk and was getting even more dehydrated as time progressed.  Her gums were fading and reaction time was slow, heart rate was elevated, eyes were glazed over, and she had been looking at her sides earlier, but not rolling.  She seemed comfortable at the moment, because she was drugged.  But, with this slow progress, did not want to wait until it was a real emergency and took her to the vet clinic while she still could.  There at least she felt that the mare would get whatever medical attention she needed and could be monitored.

Well, throughout the night she worried whether or not she would have to make that fateful decision if her mare needed to go for surgery.  She knew that she would have to put her beautiful mare down.  She could not afford to have the surgery.  She worried about what the outcome would be for her beautiful 10 year old Arabian mare that had been with her since she was 21.  She had trained her from a young foal to the horse of her dreams.  The mare was a present from her grandmother, for her to bring along into an endurance prospect.  They had come a long way and grew up together.  She did not want to think about losing her mare to colic or worse yet, making the decision to put her down.

Leslie just had the two horses and had felt she had always taken the best care of them.   But, she remembers someone once saying to her if you have horses long enough, you will have colic.  She had given psyllium and is now remembering that her friend showed her the study that suggested that even with psyllium, horses were getting bouts of colic.  She fed off the ground, on a mat, watered down their feed, fed small meals 3x day, gave a pat of alfalfa along with Tifton 44 regularly.  But, here was her worst night mare coming true.  She hoped for a good outcome, where she did not have to make that fateful decision.  Her wish came true the next day as she was able to pick up her mare from the hospital.  Her overnight care was $1000.00.  At this point she was very grateful and was elated to be bringing her horse home alive, until that night…

The next night presented her with a new set of emotions… Her mare Majestic was now colicing.  Her neighbor had just come over and she had been telling her what had happened to Denaldi the night before.  Luckily her friend rushed home and told her not to give the mare anything yet.  No Banamine, she screamed as she rushed over to her house.  She emerged with a 4 oz. bottle of a natural product called; “Equine GutFlush” .  Leslie gave Majestic the product orally as her girlfriend told her to.  She figured it could not hurt to try it, she believed in natural products.  She trusted her girlfriend as she loved her horses and cared for them as much as she did.

As they were waiting, her friend told her it is a natural alternative and works in unison to stop the bout.  It works on Intestinal Dysfunction, like gas, spasmodic, impaction, and mobility problems.  Leslie watched her mare turned around within fifteen minutes after giving her this product.  Her mare Majestic had pooped; she went over to the water and even started to drink.  What was amazing was how fast the product had worked.  Within a matter of 30 minutes her mare was acting like a horse again.  She had no more pain and the bout was over.  She had gone back to grazing like nothing had even been bothering her.  She thanked her friend for bringing over this wonderful product that stopped her mare’s pain and helped her get past the colic.  She sat there for 3 hours after just pondering why she had to learn such an expensive lesson the night before with Denaldi.

An amazing revelation came to Leslie as she watched her beautiful horses.  She knew she would never be caught without this product ever again.  She called me to relay this story about Equine GutFlush. She wanted to make sure she had it in the barn, trailer, and on endurance rides from now on, and of course to repay her friend who she contributes to saving her horse’s life with this product.

She was ecstatic and thankful she did not have to go through another night like the one before.  She was caught up in the moment of how fast this product had worked on her horse.  She knew if she had this product the night before she wouldn’t have been worrying if she had to put her mare down or not.  She could have saved her own horse fast.  She felt that with catching it in the early signs and giving this product quickly she had real-time of this fast acting product.  Plus, she had a mare that she did not give drugs to and the symptoms were not masked.  A valuable lesson learned to be prepared with Equine GutFlush in the future and be helpful to her mare immediately.

Leslie knew she had learned a $1000.00 colic lesson the hard way.

Take Action – Order a bottle of Equine GutFlush to use and one to keep on your equine’s first aid bag & remedy shelf.  This is the rule of hand for most barns and horse owners worldwide.

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