Horse Relief aka Equine Joint & Muscle Support


HORSE RELIEF/Equine Joint & Muscle Support is a herbal dietary supplement clinically shown to help relieve:

  • chronic pain,
  • inflammation,
  • swelling from De-generative Joint Diseases (DJD), including arthritis


An herbal formulation containing natural compounds that work together to provide relief.

This formula has NO known adverse side effects and NO known interactions with any drug, supplement or food.


The Body’s Response to Pain

When a tissue is injured or DJD sets in, pain, swelling, and inflammation are the body’s natural responses.

Swelling cushions the area and brings additional nutrients, oxygen, and chemicals the body has produced to fight inflammation. Unfortunately, some of these compounds actually cause nerves in the area to become more sensitive than normal. The increased pain causes the production of more anti-inflammatory chemicals and more swelling. The symptoms feed off each other causing the pain and swelling to continue long after they are needed for the normal healing process.

Pain, swelling and inflammation occur in two phases:

  1. Acute symptoms occur during the injury and in the period shortly thereafter.
  2. Chronic symptoms occur as healing progresses or when a state such as arthritis sets in.


HORSE RELIEF was developed using the same powerful herbal formulation that has been clinically tested in humans.

This clinical testing showed results comparable to common COX-2 INHIBITOR drugs in the relief of PAIN, INFLAMMATION, AND SWELLING, but with NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS.

  • Quality Ingredients: We select only natural herbs that have great medicinal properties that will help your horse heal quickly.
  • All Nature - Safe Product: Products that won’t harm your horses or your children. All of our products are safe for human consumption. -

But we don’t recommend it.

  • FDA Inspected Manufacturing: Our facility is registered and inspected by the FDA and other third party auditors. We manufacture at a human food grade level ensuring potency and effectiveness of every bottle.


  1. helps break the cycle of self-perpetuating pain symptoms
  2. provides pain & inflammatory relief between workouts for competition and companion animals.


 HORSE RELIEF’s proprietary formula is made with extracts of Juniper, Goldenrod, Dandelion,

Meadowsweet, Willow, and Grape.

  • Juniper’s analgesic action reduces pain by blocking some pain signal transmission to the brain, by reducing pain nerve ending sensitivity, and by reducing production of the body’s inflammatory response compounds that excite pain nerves.


  • Juniper, Goldenrod, and Dandelion help the body get rid of excess fluid known as swelling through mild diuretic action. This also gets rid of excess inflammatory compounds the body has already produced that are still in the tissues.


  • Goldenrod, Willow and Meadowsweet provide anti-inflammatory action.


  • Meadowsweet and Willow have pain relieving action by virtue of the aspirin-like compounds they contain.


Here is the conclusion of a 20 page report based on a study done on Horse Relief/Equine Joint & Muscle Support by an independent research lab:


The data shows that, in this cohort of 100 horses with severe pain and severe ROM limitations, daily use of the investigational product produced a significant and rapid decrease in pain and a significant and rapid increase in range of motion as reflected by trainer observations and the concomitant scores the trainers rated these primary endpoints at.  Additionally, as measured by trainer observations, there was a significant improvement in speed trial times, a significant increase in jumping height, and a significant increase in points rating for the horses that were evaluated for each of these exercises.  Pain score decreases and ROM score increases were inversely related to the age and weight of the horse, meaning that increased age and/or weight extended the time it took to achieve improvement.  However, when adjusted for age and weight, increased height showed a direct relationship of response to the investigational product, demonstrating faster improvements in pain scores or range of motion measures with increased height.


Some of the 100 horses were performance animals that had been sidelined from any serious workout routines or from competition for a minimum of six months because of their arthritic or lameness condition and/or their athletic injuries prior to the start of the study.


No adverse side effects from the investigational product were reported by any trainer involved in this study in any subject animal during the study period.  The rapid positive improvement in decreasing pain and increasing ROM and the improved training performance of the horses over the course of the study, as judged by their trainers, demonstrates that the investigational product used in this study presents an effective alternative to pharmaceutical intervention for treatment of equine arthritis, lameness, and joint pain.

People are loving Horse Relief/Equine Joint & Muscle Supplement. They are getting their horses off expensive injections and drugs and providing a natural, safer, faster relief without any of the horrendous side effects of chemical injections and drugs.

I tried HORSE RELIEF on a six-year-old horse that had
double knee surgery as a two-year-old. The horse
won in the first race he was entered after starting him
on HORSE RELIEF. I highly recommend this product
to anyone looking for a natural joint and muscle
product for their horse.
— Joseph Imperio
Experienced Horse Trainer

My family has been training race horses for
generations. I tested HORSE RELIEF on a four-year
old horse, Whenluv Comes To Town, that had chronic
arthritis and was in extreme pain. After two weeks
using HORSE RELIEF, my horse turned in a personal
best time. HORSE RELIEF is the most effective
supplement I have ever used for my horses.
— Richard Destasio

An associate introduced me to HORSE RELIEF and I tried it on a five-year-old horse that had knee surgery at two. The horse has run extremely well in his last two races and I am pleased
to recommend HORSE RELIEF as an excellent natural
supplement for horses with arthritic conditions.
— Robert Ribaudo

Stop the cycle of pain now.

Horse Relief/Equine Joint & Muscle Supplement is a powder supplement that is easy to feed. Feed it daily according to package instructions, watch your horse get back to sound again, give yourself peace of mind and get back in the saddle again.