Equine GutFlush - Fast Colic Relief

What is Equine GutFlush - EGF?

EGF is an all natural formula designed to stop the common causes of equine colic. EGF's formula assists in restoring gut motility, dissipating gas, relieving spasms and softening bowel impactions.  It's reported that after giving EGF a normal bout of colic stops in 45 minutes.  Unlike NSAIDs (like Banamine), which only relieve pain, fever, and inflammation, EGF addresses the internal causes of abdominal colic.  

Safe for all horses, stallions, broodmares, foals.
All natural herbs that will not test, safe for competition.
Three-year shelf life.


Assists in reduction of: 

Intestinal gas
GI  toxicity
Pain and discomfort 
Mild Anti-Spasmodic

    Helpful in restoring:

    Gut Motility 
    Normal gastrointestinal function
    Promotes digestive support


      Effective - Just one bottle stops equine colic in its tracks.  Based on controlled studies and user testimonies EGF is a 100% efficient in stopping cases of impaction, sand, gas or mild spasmodic colic.  All-natural formula designed specifically for stopping the cause of colic. 

      Supplemental Facts: 
      Proprietary Blend of:
        Fennel Seed, Peppermint, Dandelion Root, Catnip, Kelp, Ginger Root, Fenugreek.  


      How is EGF Administered?
      1.Shake bottle well
      2.Remove tamper seal
      3. Cut 1/4" tip off dispensing bottle
      Oral application: Insert the dispenser tip into the corner of the horse's mouth.  Hold your horse's head in an upright position, dispenser tip up and slowly squeeze the bottle giving the horse time to swallow.

      Adult Horse: 1 full bottle, 4oz
      Foal: half bottle, 2oz


      Monitor Gut Sounds.  At the first sign of abdominal pain/colic, administer EGF.  Monitor gut sounds.  Healthy gut sounds should return within 10-30 minutes.  

      Who should have Equine GutFlush?

      All horse owners, competitors, trainers.

      Every Barn should have a bottle!

      Optimize horse's chance of survival

      Decrease horse's downtime

      Reduce your Vet bills.