A Special Message from Pam Schroeder

The C - Word...

When that special horse enters our lives, our lives change forever.  We happily begin shoveling manure, lugging heavy tack back and forth.  Essentially, our lives revolve around our horse’s welfare and when our horse is enjoying themselves, we feel that joy. When our horse is in pain, so are we.

If it's 2 am, and you’re awakened by a loud noise at the barn.  Panic hits as you drag yourself out of bed, and you hope your horse doesn't have the C- WORD.  As you near the barn, you see him lying down, covered with shavings and obviously distressed. You know you treat your horse with a daily dose of TLC, so how could this colic have happened?

I believe that there IS ALWAYS A REASON A HORSE COLICS.  Acknowledging there is a reason, doesn't mean we have to know the reason- but we do have to FIX the reason.  

By giving Equine GutFlush anytime a horse colic's we are helping to fix the reason.  If horses were in the wild, they would trust their instincts to find the right plants to FIX the problem.  Since we have them in captivity & micro-manage them we have to be smart enough to give them something for them to help their bodies recover and get relief from within their own bodies.  We have to stock the remedy for colic, Equine GutFlush and give it to them immediately to fix a colic, with all the plant-based herbs that are in EGF just like if they were in the wild.  The herbs in EGF synergistically help the horse's body to recover quickly.   

The colic won't last that long if caught early - just give the syringe of Equine GutFlush.  Offer a safe place for your horse to go through the colic (round pen, paddock area).  Give it a try and become a, "C-WORD SURVIVOR!"         

Then get back to us with your own, "C-Word Survivor" story...