Equine GutEssentials - EGE 13.5oz

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Equine GutEssentials - EGE

Nature's Best Super Food

Equine GutEssentials helps keep the digestive system in proper working order and delivering the proper nutrients.

Anti-Fungal, Balances immune system, Builds Bone & Muscle, Improves Digestion  & increases circulation & Energy, Increased Cell Oxygenation & Cell Life, Pre-Biotics, Homeostasis.  

Contains a proprietary blend of bovine colostrum, moringa oleifera leaf powder, cordyceps, coconut water powder and diatomaceous earth.  

*Each order of EGE comes with a 1 lbs bag of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, to be mixed with every dose.  Shipped in its own bag to ensure product freshness.   Mix 1 scoop of EGE to 2 scoops of diatomaceous earth to be top dressed.