"Help - Dentyne is Colicking"

I had been called out to a Quarter Horse training barn and arena, by a member of the board that had used the product Equine GutFlush successfully before.  I observed a big performance barrel horse mare throwing herself to the ground repeatedly.  They had temporarily put her into a round pen after walking her for hours.  I was introduced to the owner of the facility and the mare.  I asked how long she had been in this state?  In which he replied, since after breakfast and he had been walking her all day from behind his golf cart.  The vet had been there not once but twice to give her Banamine (which slows down the motility in the gut) and then he tubed her (which he passes a NG tube down her nose and into her stomach so he could pump a gallon of mineral oil into her.  He did the same procedure both times and collected his money and left.  

It was after 8:00 pm now and dark out, I could see that this mare in the light from the golf cart and my headlight on my head, was very distressed and was not going to make it through the night if I did not help her right now.  I checked her vital signs: Gut sounds were non-existent, but I knew she had been given Banamine not too long before and also earlier in the day.  I did the skin pinch which showed she was very dehydrated.  Her gums were hard to see but looked paler than they should and were very dry and tacky.  She was exhausted from walking as well.  She was trying to help herself at this point by throwing herself to the ground repeatedly. In all the horses I have helped come through their colic, I personally had never seen a horse do this behavior.  She was actually trying to remedy herself from the pain inside her gut the best way she knew how at this point.  

So I reached for the Equine GutFlush (EGF)  immediately and gave her one full bottle knowing that this was way over the 8  hours that usually a horse has when they colic before it turns badly.  I knew the EGF would work through the Banamine to get her gut motility moving again, but i would determine after checking her vitals again in 30 minutes or so, if I was going to give her another bottle of EGF.  I knew that 1 bottle would work but this was over the 8 hours and I wanted to bring her out of this as soon as possible, without any further delay.  I began to also give her fluids which I usually do  not have to do, but with the severity of her condition she needed all the extra help she could get right now to not prolong this night.  

After checking her vitals every 15 minutes, where I know could hear 2 or 3 active rumbles in her gut (intestines) every 2 minutes on one side. This showed progress in the right direction, but I decided after 40 minutes to give her another bottle of EGF.  She steadily improved and around 11:00 pm she jumped up and went to graze and look for water on her own.  I knew she was out of the danger zone at this time.  

The owner just knew he was going to lose his precious mare because the vet wasn't able to do anything for her.  He was absolutely grateful that I had come to save her.  His trainer had never seen anything like this colic product before.  He saw what a little 4 oz. bottle of Equine GutFlush could do and was absolutely astounded and impressed.    

Dentyne the QH did not miss a beat, she was back to being her old self the next day.  The trainer David wanted to know more about EGF to have on hand so he could keep it at the barn if colic should ever happen again to one of his horses in training.  He knew he could have lost this mare that night and he wanted to be able to help his horses himself  with, Equine GutFlush which he called a "Game Changer".