After Irma - Horses Alive

We'll Irma is still challenging for all of us here in the sunshine state of Florida, Ocala being the Horse Capital of the World.  When you have livestock to feed and water it poses many challenges even if you are a boyscout and were the best prepared you could be.  You do not realize the amount of time is expended just doing these chores without water pressure & electric to make things run smoothly.  Forget about even staying cool enough to sleep at night...that is a luxury.

But, we are all pretty resilient especially if we finally got the power turned back on after 36 hrs, that is a miracle in itself. We can pick up the fallen trees, downed fences and debris around us - if our houses did not suffer any structural damage and our animals and we are safe and not injured, we definitely dodged a bullet.  Pick ourselves up and help each other with this major clean up we all have before us.  I know that if there are any horses in FL colicking that Equine GutFlush will help you to save your horses.  Helping people to help their horses through this devastating hurricane.  Just give them us a call at this local number:        


Be Helpful to one another - we are all in this together.  Be Safe!