"Colic - You Are Not Alone"

Colic - Just knowing that you “aren’t alone or the only one” struggling with a problem is almost as important as solving the problem itself.

We humans are strange, but it’s how we’re wired… If we think we’re the only person in existence to have ever faced an obstacle, it becomes that much harder to overcome it. That changes when we know we aren’t alone. Our belief system of doing things the old conventional ways, can enslave and prevent us from working with more natural alternatives that we may want to work towards to have the lives we truly want for ourselves and our equines.

Being a counselor and working with different populations, I know that rewiring your beliefs requires a massive change. The pain of the current option (alternative vs. conventional) must overpower the comfort of the routine of doing things the way we were taught conventionally.  This leads to drastic action, a commitment to learn something new.  

For people that have been able to rewire their belief system to include EGF, an alternative natural way to treating colic and have seen the successful results of saving their own horse(s) they will new look back.  The positive outcomes after using Equine GutFlush just once outways the outdated conventions of the past.  They will never be without this natural alternative colic remedy ever again. They found that they were not alone and it had also ensured their success with using the product and saving their horses life.

In the conventional - “low risk, low reward” the world is mediocre; waiting on the sidelines for a vet or someone else to come to the rescue and help you when your horse is colicking could mean life and death for your equine.  The time it might take for a medical colic to turn into a surgical colic, depending on how long it had been since you found your horse down.  

But, assessing the situation and taking quick action to run and grab a bottle of Equine GutFlush from the first aid kit is being proactive in this situation. To help and see your horse recover from a bout of colic is the alternative - "high reward” that you took the “high risk", the world is success.  You were proactive and changed your belief system to using EGF.  When a colic occurs you now have Equine GutFlush to help your horse at the very first signs of abdominal distress.  There lives are in your hands and you now have Equine GutFlush colic remedy that you can use and count on in an emergency for all medical colic (Impaction, Gas, Sand, Mild Spasmodic).

Just knowing that you “aren’t the only one” struggling with a problem is almost as important as solving the problem itself.  Equine GutFlush is like having a mobile vet in a bottle to combat colic, that you can reach for in your emergency first aid bag or shelf.   EGF will help your horse reverse the symptoms of a colic, and stop it in its tracks.  No more drugs to mask the pain or symptoms so in real time you are able to see a horse come out of the colic like they never had a problem at all...

We just want you to know that with Equine GutFlush, you literally have your horse's back (gut) now with this alternative colic remedy.  With Equine GutFlush you are prepared and willing to support or defend your horse from the perils of colic.  

The worst thing that could happen is that you don't have it when you need it.  There is nothing in this product that will test if you are at a show. Plus, when your horse recovers can continue competing.  If your horse has insurance, I would give it immediately because it doesn't mask any symptoms or prevent any other treatments.  There should never be anything that prevents you from administering EGF.  

The only problem with horses are that when they get a stomach ache (colic) it could kill them since they only have one way to evacuate.  Equine GutFlush does what the name says: Flushes the Gut and will get to the Pelvic Flexure and the Cecum which is where colic usually occurs.

I was told once that If you have horses long enough, you will experience a colic.  That is true and I can't count the number of times people have told me that they have never had a colic and then they do and were not prepared.  That they lost their horse.  Don't let your horse be a statistic.  Keep a case on hand, just to help save the neighbor's horses.  

Equine GutFlush is always there to help you succeed in helping you to help your horse survive, "You Are Not Alone".

Their lives are in our hands...



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