• Rain is still our topic


    Are you in the flood zone? Do your pastures turn into lakes like mine? Well if this is the case then you can be dealing with several different things right now. Rain rot is very common but not fun to deal with, especially if you have multiple horses. Well at Pure Earth Products we have a simple and easy spray for getting rid of rain rot quick. Spray it on daily and say goodbye to rain rot . The next […]

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  • Weather and how it affects our horses

    Buy in bulk or by the pound. By the pound it's $10.00 a pound. Call for bulk price.

    We live in Florida, right now we are fighting the massive rain and wet conditions. My place is under water, the pond is backed up to the barn. So for the last week my horses have been in a stall long enough to feed and then go back out. At least I can say the grass is growing, but to wet to mow the weeds down.   The heat and cold can also cause us problems. Right now we need to […]

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  • How much do you know about your minerals?


    Did you know that most minerals you feed are to big to get in your horses system! I learned years ago about the molecules in your horses body. The trace mineral blocks the you feed your horse is a waste of money. Why do you ask; because the minerals in this block are bigger than the molecules in your horse. What does this mean, well your horse can not absorb the minerals because they are to big. The white salt […]

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  • Rain Rot

    1 oz makes 32 ozs.
1oz $5.00 8 oz $20.00

    We have had a week of rain, not just the occasional afternoon shower. If your horses are out in it. rain rot is sure to raise its head. Dew poisoning is also on the rise with all the moisture in the air. Summer sores are common this time of year. There are a couple of things you can do. We have a product called PD 100 that works on all the skin funky  that appear this time of year. It […]

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  • Over all Wellness check


    Animal Wellness   A non invasive and effective healing technology called Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) to locate areas of your animal’s nervous system that have fallen out of proper communication with the rest of the body and the brain. He then works to re-establish communication in these areas thus inducing healing. VOM is incredibly accurate as it has the ability to find and reduce all nervous interference without drugs or surgery. The nervous system is extremely important to the body as […]

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