The Best Defense is Equine GutFlush!

Colic is the number 1# killer of horses each year and if you notice your horse with symptoms – Time is of the essence. Though our experience working with horses for over the last 4 decades we find that fast intervention works best. Waiting 3 to 5 hours or longer only allows the problem to compound making it harder to eliminate the condition. A fast initial response greatly influences the outcome. It may be the difference between having your horse overcome the colic episode naturally or have it go into a surgical colic, state of emergency costing thousands of dollars in fees, drugs and treatment, or their life.

Equine GutFlush is trusted by thousands of Owners, Trainers, and Veterinarians across the globe to quickly and effectively eliminate medical colic symptoms fast.  We not only save lives but empower owners to react confidently and immediately. The longer you wait the worst it gets, don’t second guess yourself - use the tool (EGF) that works!  

Be Ready with the Best Defense: EQUINE GUTFLUSH!

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